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Bruce Lee’s Tao of 6 pack Abdominals


For this workout, allow’s initial offer a shout-out to the male with among the all-time ideal six-pack in the biz– Bruce Lee. Unlike the majority of individuals, Lee was both torn and solid at one time. And among the factors for his toughness was several of the sophisticated body-weight workouts he utilized in his training. One such action was the dragon flag.


Your core is a collection of muscle mass that twist around your whole upper body, and this workout targets every one of them inevitably obtaining you that remarkable 6 pack.

Dragon flags assist develop even more upper body strength– which can profit your squats, deadlifts, bench presses, tidy and presses, also sport-specific training and power growth.

In the long-term, activities consisting of both full-body interaction plus long-duration stress (fixed and interesting strength-training motion patterns) must be liked.


Dragon flags can be changed if you can not execute them right now by merely doing downsides. For this, reduced as gradually as feasible, after that drop your feet onto the bench and drive back to the beginning factor.

You might reduce as for you can and afterwards put your knees to your upper body as opposed to elevating back up and maintaining your body right. This would certainly be taken into consideration the following degree up.

If you can strike the knee tucks and manage the adverse to a quiting factor over the bench and with your body in a straight line, you can after that relocate to the complete implementation.


Establish on a bench with your hands safeguarded around the rear of it. Bar your whole body up as one inflexible system, up until you’re virtually upright, after that reduced on your own gradually to the flooring, utilizing your abdominal muscles to support.

Your body should not “damage”– it needs to look like a straight line from shoulders to toes.

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