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From Warm-Up to Workout to Cool-Down, Power Plate Is the Ultimate Gym Offering

Power Plate’s whole-body vibration is a hit with members of all fitness levels, leading to high levels of engagement and retention

Easy to use (and leaves you feeling GREAT), with a wide array of capabilities, Power Plate checks all these boxes while other fitness products usually meet just one.

The world’s leader in vibration technology, Power Plate offers a breadth of products including the groundbreaking new REV, the world’s first vibrating indoor cycle, a full portfolio of high-quality handheld targeted vibration products and more.

However, as the most-researched health and wellness product in the world, the iconic Power Plate whole-body vibration platform remains the company’s headliner. It uses patented, tri-planar PrecisionWave™ technology to send tiny vibrations to a user’s body 25 to 50 times per second. These vibrations activate muscles, burn more calories, improve circulation and help muscle recovery. Members enjoy both accelerated results from the exercise and a unique mood-lift effect that culminates in increased user satisfaction.

Experiencing the benefits of Power Plate is easy, members simply perform exercises – any typically done on the floor, standing, sitting or leaning – on the Power Plate platform instead. For fitness facilities, increased member engagement and user communities develop, all resulting in a positive impact on retention. Once members try Power Plate they will keep coming back for more.

Simplicity & Results Make Power Plate Unique

“Put simply, it’s a vibration platform that you do exercises on,” explained Garry Lewis, Director of Commercial Sales at Power Plate. “You do squats, crunches, lunges and dips. You don’t need to do extreme, radical movements (although you can), just simple, traditional exercises.”

And because it’s so versatile, Power Plate integrates perfectly with other modalities typically found in gyms.

“It’s a great tool to warm up and activate muscles prior to virtually any activity,” Lewis said. “It’s perfect for use before a cardio, strength, sports activities or even a group exercise workout.”

“Power Plate is for everyone, from someone new to or returning to exercise, members looking to improve flexibility, reduce pain, prevent injury, or elite athletes training for competition,” Lewis added. “We want users to understand that when they use Power Plate, no matter where they are in their health and wellness journey, it’s going to go a long way.”

Notable Power Plate users, all of whom are almost surely at different fitness levels, include Mark Wahlberg, Jeremy Renner, Al Roker, Serena Williams, Cindy Crawford and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Versatility Leads to Engagement & Retention

Power Plate’s versatility is what makes it such a unique product. Few products can help everyone, at all fitness levels and require little to no help getting started. That differentiation allows Power Plate to stand out from the crowd, which Lewis believes is most key to the brand’s success. 

“Member retention and engagement is critical for any fitness facility to survive,” Lewis noted. “You’ve got competition all around. Creating uniqueness or differentiation is one key to being successful and growing your fitness facility. There is no other product on the market that can do what Power Plate does. A second key is demonstrating to members and prospective members that your club cares about their health journey – nothing in the gym does that better than Power Plate.”

“Every member in the gym can use a Power Plate,” he added. “I challenge people to tell me a piece of equipment that everyone can use. Some people ask about a treadmill, but what if you’re in a wheelchair? Some people ask about a stair climber. What if they’ve had joint issues, knee replacements or hip replacements? Every single member can use a Power Plate.”

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Power Plate equipment also spans multiple workout stages. Whether you’re getting loose before your workout, in the middle of it, undergoing recovery or therapy, Power Plate is applicable — putting it in a class of its own. 

“It’s the only piece of equipment on which you can do your pre-workout warmup, use for your primary workout regimen and your post-workout recovery,” Lewis said. “There is no other single piece of equipment that can do all these three facets of an exercise program.”

That leads to “lots of opportunities to create revenue streams,” Lewis notes.

Growing the Power Plate Community

While Power Plate has experienced steady growth coming out of the pandemic thanks to the one-of-a-kind nature of its products, there are still incredible opportunities to help members and the fitness community. While the awareness of vibration therapy has grown over the past five years, the general public is still relatively uninformed about its benefits. Spreading the word is key going forward. 

“Education, education and more education,” Lewis said. “That is the number one component of how we speak with gym owners and prospective individual users. We need to help the industry and everyday people understand how vibration is a cornerstone of our body. We’re subjected to it every day, we just don’t realize it. And when delivered correctly, as Power Plate does better than anyone, body and mind enjoy the experience immensely.” 

Having said that, Lewis points back to Power Plate’s versatility as to why he believes vibration therapy will stay relevant, and become more so every day.

“We’re not a fad, Power Plate was introduced in Europe 25 years ago!” Lewis asserted. “Fads come and go. However, no matter what’s happening in the industry, or what people want to do, you’re always going to need to warm up, you’ll need to recover, and you’ll have user populations with physical limitations and or pain. At Power Plate, we are confident that we’ll be ever-more relevant for a good, long time.”

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